Enables organisations to dematerialize and digitalize their lost and found property service.

A holistic digital lost property management solution for any Business.

From managing found items and search inquiries to the logistics of sending found items back to their owners. iYako! suite solutions for Businesses are fully optimized and specialized for following industries:

  • Hotels
  • Airports / Airlines
  • Stadiums
  • Municipalities
  • Public Transport Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Schools & universities


Cover all modern Lost & Found requirements for any organization that needs to manage and automate the entire process of lost property service operations.

Document Management

It will support all lost & found reports and inquiries by generating appropriate documents.

Customer Self-Service

Available service 24h/7d to support and communicate with customer delivers a better customer experience.

Smart search & Notifications

Manual search and automatic matching are both built-in. Notifications are real-time for all interactions

Detailed History

Get real-time reports and insights for every report. Track key performance indicators, including current trends.

Shipping handling

Possible integration to handle payment & shipping process for returning found items to owners with DHL, Fedex, UPS.

Integrations & APIs

An endlessly customizable solution designed to be easily integrate to business workflow and core system.

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